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Politics & Rights

Even The Guardian Understands Free-Market CompetitionFEE.orgMay 2, 2022Thomas
Are Subsidies Capitalist?FEE.orgApril 28, 2022Angelica
The Collectivist Roots of Russian AtrocitiesThe Objective StandardApril 7, 2022Thomas
How Socialism Discourages Work and Creates PovertyFEE.orgMarch 30, 2022Angelica
Putin, Planes, and Dealing with DictatorsThe Objective StandardMarch 16, 2022Thomas
Florida Company Shows California How to Build a Railroad With Its Brightline Rail SystemFEE.orgMarch 15, 2022Thomas
Why French Revolution-Inspired Attitudes Toward the Ultra-Wealthy Are NonsensicalFEE.orgFebruary 17, 2022Angelica
Why Jeff Bezos is not a “Tech Mogul” or the “King of E-Commerce”FEE.orgFebruary 10, 2022Thomas
Is College Education a Human Right?FEE.orgJanuary 26, 2022Angelica
Elon Musk is Right: Governments Shouldn’t Control Land on Other PlanetsFEE.orgJanuary 25, 2022Thomas
Star Trek, Marx, Maezawa, and the Moneyless Dream: Utopian or Dystopian?The Objective StandardJanuary 21, 2022Thomas (with Jon Hersey)
Yusaku Maezawa’s “Moneyless Society” Embraces SocialismCapitalism MagazineJanuary 12, 2022Thomas
Sprinklegate and Europe’s Permission SocietyThe Objective StandardDecember 9, 2021Angelica
The Tulip Won’t Bloom in London, Thanks to Rights-Violating PoliticiansThe Objective Standard December 8, 2021Thomas
Shame on MIT for Bowing to a Twitter MobThe Objective StandardNovember 12, 2021Angelica
Contra Rep. Chip Roy, Rights Don’t Come from GodLevel UpNovember 10, 2021Thomas
Thank You to the Heroes of Space TourismLevel UpOctober 17, 2021Thomas
Seven Reasons Why the Aviation Industry Is a Wonderful ThingThe Objective StandardOctober 16, 2021Thomas
Peter Boghossian ShrugsThe Objective StandardOctober 1, 2021Angelica
Environmentalists Show Their Disregard for Human LifeLevel UpSeptember 20, 2021Thomas
Here’s to Belarus’s Freedom FightersThe Objective StandardAugust 5, 2021Angelica
What a Global Minimum Tax Means—Economically and MorallyThe Objective Standard July 15, 2021Angelica
Kudos to Dan Wootton and GB News for Challenging the LockdownsThe Objective Standard June 22, 2021Thomas
A Chance to Rein in Eminent DomainCapitalism MagazineJune 3, 2021Angelica
A Private Rail Renaissance Percolates after Fifty Years of Amtrak FailuresThe Objective Standard April 28, 2021Thomas
The Anti-Progress Crusade against FlightThe Objective Standard April 16, 2021Thomas
End the Injustice of Civil Asset ForfeitureThe Objective StandardMarch 19, 2021Angelica
Why the MORE Act is Morally CorrectStudents for LibertyJanuary 12, 2021Angelica
Sweden Hasn’t ‘Failed Its People,’ It Has Protected Their RightsThe Objective StandardNovember 13, 2020 Thomas
The Immorality of Universal Basic IncomeThe Objective Standard November 13, 2020Angelica
Life in No-Lockdown SwedenThe Objective StandardOctober 23, 2020Thomas
Britain and All Western Countries Should Support Hong Kong’s Struggle to Escape Chinese OppressionThe Objective StandardJune 26, 2020Thomas
SpaceX Shows the Way Forward: Let Private Industry Take the Lead in SpaceThe Objective StandardJune 4, 2020Thomas

Reviews & Culture

Straight Line Crazy by David HareThe Objective StandardJune 7, 2022Thomas
Ella Enchanted: A Fun Celebration of FreedomLevel UpMay 10, 2022Angelica
The Book of Boba Fett, Created by Jon FavreauThe Objective StandardFebruary 18, 2022Thomas
Touching the Art: A Guide to Enjoying Art at a Museum by Luc TraversThe Objective StandardSeptember 3, 2021Angelica
Free Guy, Written by Matt Lieberman and Zak PennThe Objective StandardSeptember 2, 2021Thomas
Loki, Created by Michael WaldronThe Objective Standard July 19, 2021 Thomas
The God Delusion by Richard DawkinsThe Objective StandardMay 3, 2021Angelica
Unstoppable Momentum: The Music of Joe SatrianiLevel UpApril 15, 2021Thomas
Ludovico Einaudi: Artistic Integrity and Harmonious MusicLevel UpApril 9, 2021Angelica
WandaVision, Created by Jac SchaefferThe Objective StandardMarch 12, 2021Thomas
Secrets of the Magna Carta, Written by Martin DurkinThe Objective StandardMarch 7, 2021Thomas
The Iron Lady, Written by Abi MorganThe Objective Standard February 12, 2021Angelica
Art as Inspiration: Lang Lang at the PradoLevel UpJanuary 14, 2021Angelica
“Pick Yourself Up” with Fred Astaire and Ginger RogersLevel UpDecember 5, 2020Angelica
Five Phenomenal Long-Form Rock SongsThe Objective Standard November 19, 2020 Thomas
Swan Lake and the Triumph of the GoodLevel UpSeptember 8, 2020Angelica
The Death of Stalin by Armando IannucciThe Objective StandardAugust 28, 2020Thomas
Still Rocking at Sixty: The Endless Vitality of Iron MaidenLevel UpAugust 26, 2020Thomas
Explore ‘Uniquely Human Moments of Triumph’ with AudiomachineLevel UpJuly 29, 2020Angelica
I Can Reach Any Star: The Beautiful Philosophy of Star Trek: EnterpriseLevel UpJuly 10, 2020Thomas
Music for Freedom: Ennio Morricone’s “Run Man Run”Level UpJune 8, 2020Thomas
‘The Earth Becomes My Throne’: Individualism in Metallica’s Black AlbumThe Objective StandardMay 7, 2020Thomas

History & Biographies

Ray Harryhausen: Giving New Life to Old LegendsThe Objective StandardSeptember 25, 2021Thomas
‘From Sawdust to Stardust’: Jackie Cochran’s Soaring AchievementsThe Objective StandardJune 2, 2021Angelica
The Golden Era of American RailroadsLevel UpSeptember 29, 2020Thomas
Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Bridges to the FutureThe Objective StandardAugust 20, 2020Thomas

Science & Technology

How Going to Space Can Enhance Human Flourishing, with Dr. Robert ZubrinThe Objective StandardApril 16, 2022Thomas
Robot ‘Artists’ Muddy the Meaning of ArtThe Objective StandardNovember 3, 2021Thomas

Good Living

How Writing Saved my CareerLevel UpJanuary 27, 2022Thomas
Five Benefits of Reading GroupsLevel UpJanuary 19, 2022Angelica
The Road to Success is Paved with GritLevel UpDecember 8, 2021Angelica
Fostering Curiosity to Reach Your PotentialLevel UpJuly 17, 2021Angelica
How to Generate MotivationLevel UpJune 15, 2021Angelica
Cut Out the Unnecessary Negativity of News and Social MediaLevel UpJune 10, 2021Thomas
The Source and Value of Self-esteemLevel UpMay 16, 2021Angelica
The Delights of Dance: Health, Expression, and MusicalityLevel UpMarch 28, 2021Angelica
How We Strengthened Our Relationship in Times of LockdownLevel UpFebruary 20, 2021Thomas & Angelica
Five Amazing Things that Happened in 2020The Objective StandardJanuary 5, 2021Thomas
How to Make Work Something You LoveLevel UpDecember 18, 2020Thomas

Research Papers

High Street Heist: How to Save the High Streets By Relaxing AntiCompetitive Zoning RulesAdam Smith InstituteThomas