About Us

We are an international married couple (Thomas is from the United Kingdom and Angelica is from the United States). We are both writers and assistant editors at The Objective Standard, where we also assist with production of the quarterly journal. We are also fellows at Objective Standard Institute, which focuses on integrating self-development with rational philosophy, especially Objectivism. In the first half of 2022, we will be Ayn Rand fellows at Foundation for Economic Education, where we will study various thinkers who supported liberty and producing articles and videos to be published at FEE.

Our Values:
We value human flourishing above all, and support liberty because it is essential for human flourishing. Accordingly, we hold rationality, honesty, independence, and productivity as key virtues. We have both studied and largely accept Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, though we continue to study other thinkers and integrate their ideas when they fit with our values.

Interests and hobbies:
Thomas enjoys all things transport-related (especially trains), as well as architecture, urban design, music (including playing the guitar), and film & TV, especially science-fiction. Angelica enjoys gardening (especially growing flowers), playing the piano, and reading fiction. We both enjoy working out, traveling, and studying foreign languages (Angelica is fluent in Spanish and is studying German, while Thomas is developing his knowledge of French). We are also passionate about studying subjects such as science, history, and philosophy; we participate in a study group on Aristotle together, and in 2021 completed courses on the fall of the Roman empire (Thomas), ethics (Angelica), and the history of philosophy (Angelica).